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Share your SHO with Sets!

This feature is still under development! But we hope to have it finished soon!

SHOcase allows you to gather up stuff from SHO and create your own collections to SHO off!

Step 1

First you simply need to sign up at the top of this page! Once you are signed up, make sure you are logged in when searching material!

Step 2

Search the material! After performing a search and finding a record to your liking, look to the right side of the object and there will be the option to add the record to one of your sets!
You can then look at your sets right from that object page!

In the future sets will be available on your user page and some will be shared publicly right here!

Simply sign up for an account, select images, audio, and whatever else you find on SHO and save it to your collection. You can name it and tell the wide world about it through Facebook, Twitter, and with your own unique url. It really doesn’t get any better, does it?

Now go make some history!