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Fri, 07/05/2013 - 11:06 by fedoraAdmin


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Saskatchewan History Online would like to extend a happy one hundredth anniversary to Prairie River. Prairie River museum was one of the first institutions to begin partnering with SHO to get some of their great content online! We've put together a few of our favourites to SHO off their collection. Join us in celebrating Prairie River by learning a little more about this logging community just off the #3 highway! See all of Prairie River's online photographs HERE!

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Dr. John Archer Library at University Regina

Saskatchewan History Online has been adding content from the University of Regina Dr. John Archer Library Archives & Special Collections thanks to our new "Regina Office."  Peter Greenall has been working in Regina for a few months for SHO and has been looking to expand our content offerings from the Queen City.  Check back to see updates from other great cultural institutions from the Capital and as always SHO is working with many small institutions from around the province that will be providing brand new content soon!

New: Historypin Tour!

Saskatchewan History Online has been working hard to increase the amount of content and partners, but we've also looked to improve some of our features within the site so far. Just recently we partnered with City of Saskatoon to show off some of their public art collection. We have entered the public art locations into history pin and created a History Pin Tour so you can take a walking tour of Saskatoon and see some amazing public art! See the tour here!


Photosynthesis may never come, but our photosynth finally has! SHO has been experimenting with a program called Photosynth. A photosynth is a collection of images that has been constructed using proprietary (but free!) software to create a digital object that can be manipulated in three dimensions.  In the embedded synth we took about fifty pictures of the School House in Melfort & District Museum (last summer); now we can all know what it feels like to walk around inside, even if we are hundreds or thousands of kilometers away!

Adrian Paton Photo Collection

SHO is pleased to announce that, with the help of the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society, some images from the private collection of Adrian Paton will be available in the SHO database. Adrian Paton has been collecting photographs for a long time and has amassed over 8000 images. Last summer 2 students under the direction of Keith Carlson went down to Arcola, SK to scan and interview Mr. Paton and share with us some of the best images. Click here to read more!

Hockey's Back!

Sask History Online is happy that the greatest game on earth is back on the ice! Saskatchewan has a special affinity with hockey; when the air gets colder than the deep freeze in our basements others would hide away inside by the fire, but good salt-of-the-earth Saskatchewanians, like the ones pictured above (WDM-1994-S-438, Page 40: Beauval, Photograph) are uninhibited by nature's frigid fury and grab a stick, branch, or twig along with a puck, tennis ball, or cow-pie and get on the natural ice to imitate Saskatchewan hockey greats Gordie Howe or, like in this photo, perhaps Doug Bentley!  Check out the hockey photos we have in SHO- and  we hope we can add more photos from our famous Saskatchewan hockey-jocks or simply some images of every-day people enjoying the national game!

New Content to SHO!

Sask History Online is proud to have two great new collaborators! Our very own Lindsay Stokalko visited the Pahkisimon Nuye?áh Library System in La Ronge and came back with some great aerial photos which you can be seen here.

In addition, SHO has successfully harvested a small batch of images from the Glenbow Museum in Calgary; many more images will be coming your way in the future so check back often! You can see the Glenbow's images here. Enjoy the SHO!



Featured Contributor - Western Development Museum

Saskatchewan History Online is pleased to feature our first partner the Western Development Museum Curatorial Centre. Here is a snapshot of just a handful of the images we have digitized for the WDM so far! Just click here to see the WDM slideSHO!

To see the rest of the images you can perform a search at the top of the screen, or click here to browse the Western Development Museum's photos. If you have any interest in the photos you see here or have any questions or concerns or if you can visit the WDM's website to find out more!

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Movember - Sho me Mo!

Updated with more mos! For the month of November Saskatchewan History Online wants to SHO off Saskatchewan's Past Mos from our current contributors! Just click here to see the slideSHO! There will be more additions so keep checking back!


Additionally, Project Lead Craig Harkema is doing a contemporary homage to the great past Saskatchewan 'taches and you can donate to his personal movember cause here.

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Louis Riel Day

Louis Riel Day recognizes the anniversary of the hanging of Louis Riel.  After the Red River Resistance in Manitoba, Louis Riel came to the Saskatchewan Valley and eventually led the Métis against the Government of Canada for its breach of treaty, reduction of assistance and land-claims issues in what has been coined the Northwest Resistance.  Riel was involved in the famous battles of Fish Creek, Loon Lake, and Batoche before being captured and hanged for treason.

You can see what information Sask History Online has about Louis Riel so far by clicking here.






Lest We Forget

Men of Valor. Poster from University of Saskatchewan, University Library, Special Collections

In honour of Remembrance Day, SHO is highlighting a past Saskatchewan Digital Alliance project "Saskatchewan War Experience." The project is designed to aid Saskatchewan libraries, archives, museums, and other organizations in digitizing collections of photos, documents, published materials, sound and film, or any other format, that relate to Saskatchewan's Experience with War. The Sask War Experience has become a part of SHO, so watch for the collection to grow as institutions continue to contribute to the Sask War Experience themed project!

Check out some great remembrance images on our Facebook page, or click here to browse the entire Sask War Experience collection!




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