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Art Lab Public Art Guide
Sells-Floto Circus
Coupon for "Free Enlargement"
Letter to Angus McKay from Arthur S. Morton
The Barr Colony Settlement of 1903
[Application for Homestead Patent by Frank Hembrow-Smith]
The Victor Rural Telephone Co,. Limited
What Interested Saskatoon in 1902
[Barr Colonists miscellaneous newspaper clippings]
Jackson Weaver pamphlet
Barr Colonist Reunion for Exhibition
[Draft letter to Dr. Morton]
[Department of the Interior Correspondence]
[Barr Colony reunion guest signatures in "booklet" form]
First Railway Tracks Reached City 60 Years Ago on May 20 1890
Barr Colony Reunion Dinner Programme April 20th 1926
Barr Colonists in Reunion to Observe 23rd Anniversary
Saskatoon Seemed Tent City Thirty-one Years Ago When Barr Colonists Arrived
Tax Receipt Local Improvement District 18-B-3 Saskatchewan and envelope
Barr Colony Arrived Here 25 Years Ago
Copy of the Temperance Colonization Society, Limited Agreement
Barr Colonists Season Ticket July 23rd to 28th and letter
Prettiest City of the Prairies: Saskatoon
Odds and Ends [of the] News of 1906
[Letter from Rev. Lloyd]
[Miscellaneous newspaper clippings about early Saskatoon]
Transcription of Mr. F. Hembrow-Smith's Diaries
[Invitation acceptance letter from Mr and Mrs Henry Postle]
Copy of the Temperance Colonization Society, Limited Agreement
Colonists Came Twenty Years Ago
[Barr Colony reunion guest list on "Menu - Cafe Zenith - Tea Room Special" notepaper]
[Invitation decline from Jus.[?] Stone]
Barr Colony Reunion Dinner Apl. 20th 26 expenses
Welcoming New Business to 20th Street: The Two Twenty Cooperative
The Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and 20th Street: an Interview with Very Reverend Taras Makowsky