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Canadian National Railways: selected farms in western Canada, millions of acres of finest agricultural land for settlement [Map]
Scarborough's new map of Saskatchewan
Map of Manitoba, Keewatin, British Columbia, & North West Territory shewing the country to be traversed by the [C.P.R.]
Free farms. Manitoba, Assiniboia, Alberta, Saskatchewan.
I Respect Them, They Respect Me: Running the Pawn Shop on 20th Street
20th Street and Canada’s Leaders: The Honourable Roy Romanow on his Connections to 20th Street
The Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and 20th Street: an Interview with Very Reverend Taras Makowsky
The Story of My Pioneer Days
Pioneer Days
A Pioneer Story
My Experiences as a Settler in Western Canada
Own your own farm home in western Canada
Settlers' Guide to Homesteads in the Canadian North-West
Canada west: 350,000,000 bushels wheat in 1915 : Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta
Canada west: Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia