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Fox Hunt - meeting at Dr. Hardy's
Fox hounds
Mr. Schmidt with his catch of fox hides, 1917 near Dalmeny, Saskatchewan
Jasper House, Rocky Mountains, 1873
AB or AL in bush by lake
Honkers Among the Swaths
Herb Shaw and Bob Dennison hunting at Prairie River
PANP's first female warden Kathy Stefanuk, as part of the buffalo kill project
Wild Ducks abound in the Touchwood Hills, Saskatchewan
Hunting Alone
Yard of Rabbit Creek Warden Station with results of elk cull ready to be transported to Prince Albert, 1959-60
[Men and women on horseback with dogs]
Fox Hunt
[Count Berthold John Von Imhoff with a dead deer]
Hunting  -  Vic Howell, Cliff Sjuberg
Diary of: Arthur Karras Cree Lake season 1937-38
Victim of Curiosity
Cannington fox hounds
Game - No. 8 of 1893 - An Ordinance to Amend and Consolidate as Amended "The Game Ordinance"
"No Hunting or Shooting" [sign]
Fox hunting
No Authenticated Case
[Man shooting shotgun in lumber yard]
Duck Shooting on the Prairies
Hunting moose
Hunting moose