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North West Centennial 1885-1985
Letter from Rita G. Willard to Mr. A.W. Cameron, January. 25, 1927.
A.L. Karras Personal Scrapbook
Canadian Paintings Win Commendation
Letter from Frank Yeigh to Principal, Aug 6/26
The Hospitals at Saskatoon, 1885
The Collegiate Pictures
Prairie School Memorial To War Heroes Takes Form of Canadian Art Gallery
"A Pioneer Talks About...The Old Log Drive"
The Barr Colony Settlement of 1903
What Interested Saskatoon in 1902
[Barr Colonists miscellaneous newspaper clippings]
Barr Colonist Reunion for Exhibition
In Quest of a Number
First Railway Tracks Reached City 60 Years Ago on May 20 1890
Barr Colonists in Reunion to Observe 23rd Anniversary
Saskatoon Seemed Tent City Thirty-one Years Ago When Barr Colonists Arrived
Barr Colony Arrived Here 25 Years Ago
A New "Pose" of the Bessborough
Reporting Success in Canada
Barr Colonists Here Eighteen Years Ago
Original Grant to Temperance Colonization Society
Prettiest City of the Prairies: Saskatoon
[Miscellaneous newspaper clippings about early Saskatoon]
Colonists Came Twenty Years Ago