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[Centipede pulls logs on sleigh on ice road]
Middle - Laura Anderson (Robinson) 1930's
1906-1917 Shaw Bros. At Prairie River
Decking logs [loading logs] 1949
Churchill Street - Loiselle brothers with a load of logs in front of Ed Almond's Insurance office and R Loton's Drug Store
Camp #1 Mistatim, Saskatchewan 1929 George Frederick
[Two teams of horses pulling logs]
[Two loads of processed logs]
[Ken Moore with load of logs]
[Dinner time]
Jan. 1940 Bannock logging camp
National Mills east of Hudson Bay
Kendall's spring 1946
Hauling logs on sleigh with 18ft bunks
Decking logs [loading logs]
Silas 1933, Tamarac ie.[tamarack] Cord-Wood
Bill Kozak and John Ogurek with the D-2 cat
Second from right Laura Anderson (Robinson) - note how dressed up they are to travel in a buggy
Steam Bulldozer - Operated by Guy Williams
"One like this tipped over with mom inside"
Lloyd Kendall - Prairie River Museum Story [Audio]
[Team of horses hauling large load]