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[Two women and a buggy]
1906-1917 Shaw Brothers logging camp
Middle - Laura Anderson (Robinson) 1930's
1906-1917 Shaw Bros. At Prairie River
[Team of four horses]
Decking logs [loading logs] 1949
Churchill Street - Loiselle brothers with a load of logs in front of Ed Almond's Insurance office and R Loton's Drug Store
[Team of horses and men with load of logs]
[Two teams of horses pulling logs]
Threshing outfit
[Two loads of processed logs]
[Dinner time]
National Mills east of Hudson Bay
[Team of horses pulling farm machinery]
Oliver Anderson 1916
1929 - Load of logs and five horses at Orley, Saskatchewan
[Team of horses pulling hay wagon]
Hauling logs on sleigh with 18ft bunks
Nick and Fred Passmen stuck in the mud while hauling water on the road that is now between the two Reimers' places
North of Bannock
Silas 1933, Tamarac ie.[tamarack] Cord-Wood
[Six horses moving a shed]
[Overturned hay wagons]
Lloyd Kendall - Breaking the hard way
Bill Morgan left, former ferry owner, Joe Terry on right
[Woman driving a buggy]
1920 Pearse and Edworthy
Second from right Laura Anderson (Robinson) - note how dressed up they are to travel in a buggy
Steam Bulldozer - Operated by Guy Williams
Melfort Oldtimers Association June 3 1927
1941 Kendall's threshing crew at Earl Thompson's farm
"One like this tipped over with mom inside"
Oliver Anderson Haying June 29, 1916
Lloyd Kendall - Prairie River Museum Story [Audio]
[Four horses plowing]
[Team of horses hauling large load]