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Map of Western Canada; Map of the Canadian Pacific Railway and its Connections
1911 Settlers' Guide. Complete information, freight and passenger rates to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Free farms. Manitoba, Assiniboia, Alberta, Saskatchewan.
Western Canada: The Highway of the Empire
The Prairie Provinces of Canada
A handbook of information regarding Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba [1919]
Words from the Women of Western Canada
Western Progress
50,000 harvesters wanted : excusions to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1926
Investor, the Homeseeker, the Artisan, This Will Interest You. The New Settlements in Canada: Homes for Millions
Plain facts from farmers in the Canadian North West
Western Canada : free homes for all in the great provinces of Manitoba, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan and Alberta
Canadian National Railways: selected farms in western Canada, millions of acres of finest agricultural land for settlement