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Clarke's Hotel Kenosee Lake
Clarke's Resort Kenosee Lake Sask.
Moose Mountain medicine wheel
Moose Mountain medicine wheel
Fishing at Kenosee Lake
Fishing at Kenosee Lake
Two women holding fish at Kenosee Lake
Baby Evelyn Johnston in her walker, with a dog to the right
Jack Purdy drinking out of a bottle at Kenosee Lake
Moose Mountain medicine wheel
Martin in front of his mobile home
Landing them at Carlyle
Fishing at Kenosee Lake
Joe Ewack, Martin Geoghagan and Louie Moore at Martin's sawmill
Steve McArthur and his son, Buddy
Greeting Ka-Ka-Ka-Way
Posing with Ka-Ka-Ka-Way
Walking alongside Ka-Ka-Ka-Way
Aboriginal child and a dog
Joe Ewack at the sawmill
Ed Sandy standing on logs
Three men with their horses
Gordon McArthur with two horses
Aboriginal women working at the sawmill
Beaver hides at the sawmill trapped in the park
Beaver pelts sold for $30-$33 that year
Three men at the sawmill
Ed and Martin holding a beaver
Ed's daughter in front of a vehicle
Three men in front of a vehicle
Scratch 'Em Up on sawdust