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[Woman in hat]
Sask. River Aug. 1912
Making jute coffee bags, Santa Gertrude, near Orizaba, Mexico
Cacao beans curing at La Clementina, Ecuador
Delicious pineapple in the fields of Mayaguez, P.R.
A sugar plantation, Caracas, Cuba
Largest banana field in the world, Zent, Costa Rica
Gather cocoa pods near Port Limon, Costa Rica
Citron tree, Jamaica, W. I.
Irrigating plains and planting sugar cane, Santa Clara, Peru
Husking the crop in a Coconaut forest, Mayaguez, P. R.
Harvesting sugar cane, Santa Clara, Peru
Native method of husking coffee at Amatlan, Mexico
Harvesting in Mexico
Drying coffee near Cordoba, Mexico
Sheep raising among the Andes near Cuzco, Peru
Crude method of grinding sugar cane, Kingston, Jamaica
Weaving home-grown cotton in mill, Lima, Peru
Bread-fruit trees near Port Limon, Costa Rica
Indian “dug outs” on Chagres River, bringing bananas to Gattun, Panama
Picking cotton on irrigated land, Vitarte, Peru
Gathering luscious mangos, Cuernavaca, Mexico
Duck Lake