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[Log structure built on froze lake - likely for cutting ice]
[Administration Building]
Administration Bldg from direction of the Camp-grounds
Staff quarters - Right hand door is entrance to our kitchen, next our kitchen windows, breakfast room windows, children's bedroo
The Deer Lodge
This is the fellow that works in the office with Walt. He is married and has a baby
"Shurtanly I'm Gonna Drive - Ah Ain't in No Condishon Ta Walk! (hic)" postcard
Front of the staff quarters- Left hand door is our front room windows and bedroom windows
Alex Pease approx 1950
About 1959 when Chris + Toots Hansen lived in this building - In photo Nancy Shulhan
Spring Warden School 1958 Waskesiu Community Hal
[Team of horses pulling sleigh on frozen lake]