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When Your Boy Comes Back to You
I Want My Daddy
St. John's New Brunswick 1920
Home Sweet Home For you We're Fighting
"Vasile Avramenko's first School of Ukrainian National Dances, Toronto, Canada, 1926"
God of Our Fathers
Songs of the Homeland no.7
"Vasile Avramenko with his dancers on the Canadian National Exhibition"
Stained glass window int he former homes of Mr. & Mrs. Lake - 410 Jarvis St., Toronto
Good Luck to the Boys of the Allies
Canadian Highlanders
Songs of the Homeland
Three Cheers for the Lads of the Navy
Soldiers' Letters to W. C. Murray : James Harrington, Jul. 27, 1918
Reception of the 12th Batt., York Rangers, at Parkdale
God send you back to me
We'll Never Let the Old Flag Fall
Our Own Canadian Boys
The burial chamber or Mr. & Mrs. John N. Lake in the Forest Lawn Mausoleum, Toronto, Canada
Soldiers of the King
Soldiers' Letters to W. C. Murray : Geoffrey B. Bodman, Nov. 19, 1918
The Allies March
W. C. Murray's letters to soldiers : J. B. Harrington, Aug. 13, 1918
By Order of the King
Sussex by the Sea
Soldiers of Canada
Canada Stand Fast!
"Pupils of Vasile Avramenkno's School of Ukrainian National Dances, Toronto, Canada, in the dance "Meteliza", 1926"
American-Abell Engine and Thresher Company, Limited, Toronto, Canada catalogue
Younge St. Canyon, Toronto
Parliament Buildings, Toronto
The Harbor, Toronto
American-Abell Plowing & Threshing Catalogue
First Legislature of Ontario 1867-187l