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96th Battalion C.E.F. Lines. Camp Hughes, 1916
R.M.S. Empress of Britain
Montreal – Hôpital Générale (General Hospital.)
Decoration Day Service Rosetown.
Postcard from Dick to Gerte, Bramshott Camp
Parade of Men from 96th Battalion of CEF.
Decoration Day Service Rosetown
Northern Nav. Co. and G.T.R. Terminal Station, Sarnia, Can.
Postcard to Gertrude Buchanan
Court House, Saskatoon, Sask.
Procession to "Graveyard" on Decoration Day
Liphook, Royal Anchor Hotel
Military Tents of 67th Light Infantry
Shelborne Village.
Parade of Soldiers on Decoration Day in Rosetown.
Souvenir de France 1919
Two WWI army privates
Normal School, North Bay, Ont.
"We're waiting for something to turn up."
Postcard addressed to Miss Buchanan
67th Light Infantry Tent City
96th Battalion C.E.F Pass in Review Before Brig. Gen. J. Hughes
Field Service Postcard from Private Spindler, December 23, 1916
Constable Kelliher, N.W.M.P., Onion Lake, 1915
Relic of Northwest Rebellion, The Steamer "Marquis"