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Stooking Brome Grass
Ye Olde Prairie Painter
Mrs. R.N. Hurley Sutherland View
Our Old Place, Sutherland
Percy Wright of the Star Phoenix
Our Sutherland Place
Dr. R.C. Russell (botanising)
Bob, Isabelle, "The Old Place"
Mr. H.W. Wikenden My Artist Friend
Dr. Ralph Russel - Plant Pathologist
Biggar, Elevator
Picnic at Alice's Place
Alf Davey
"My Chief"
Isabelle (Mrs. Hurley) Pruning Roses
Gov. Gen. Vanier and Aides
Self Portrait at 62
Barbecue in our Garden
Len and Lillian
Fishing at the Gorge
R.N. and Isabelle Hurley
Ferry at Clark's Crossing
Dr. Russell at Prince Albert, "Botanizing"
Dr. A. Funk on Salt Spring Island
Alvin Our Son-in-Law in the Forest
Bob Hurley, Our House
Hurley in his Studio
Me in our Greenhouse
Thetis Lane
Abstract No.2
The "Boss"
Myself in our Garden