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Bateman Hockey Club
1948 M.S. Took this picture myself. G. Porteous give me these fish.
M. Stockton
Miss Stockton pushing a garden tractor
Swimming at Eason's Grove
Unknown Lady Cleaning a Coat
Mrs. Stockton petting her dog during the wintertime
Three boys on a skating rink
Helen Thomas trying to avoid getting her picture taken
Building M. Stockton
South Arcola curling team
Remember Me"" Alameda Girls Softball Team
me going to milk 1945
Marion when she was two years old
Blanche & Lenore – July 2nd: 47
Two children collecting water from the roof
Katie milking 1949
M Stockton 1948
M Stockton
Pow wow at Indian Head
Interior station at Viceroy
Train snowplow
Buffalo in a field
Becoming an honourary chief
Chief Pius Kisawatim