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Gertrude and Gene in front of a house
Gertrude, Gene Craig and Bob
Geraldine Kenler fishing in a slough
Rosaire Trembley and Geraldine
Central Collegiate girls preparing for a potato sack race
Mrs. Bryce drinking from a jug of water
Two teenage girls, one playing the guitar, and the other, the violin
Three women standing in front of a buidling with a car roof
Five children eating ice cream
Katie- when we took the picture she would not keep her eyes open not on a bet.
Florence Bekker feeding the chickens on the family farm in Gravelbourg
Roda Hamilton covering up some undergarments
Four young men playing horseshoes
Bill Paton in goalie equipment at Wood River
Action shot of a hockey game
Vanguard baseball team
Woman sitting and listening to the radio
Ruth Bone using a pump engine to dry the washing machine
Woman standing outside a caboose and cook car
F.L.'s girlfriends
Arcola boys hockey team, 1927-1928
Jack Purdy drinking out of a bottle at Kenosee Lake
Grandma Fish teaches Hazel Bone how to sew a rug
Margaret Nixon puts clothing on the line to dry
Margaret Nixon holding a hockey stick on the Nixon farm
Woman reading the newspaper
Family berry picking in the Moose Mountain
Aboriginal woman and her child
Mrs. Lawford lying down outside a tipi
C.N.R. Freight Train
The Pyramid-Builders of Arcola