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Frenchman's Butte, looking north east
Battle of Cut Knife Creek
Photo of Veterans of the North West Field Force
Adolphus Nolin, Onion Lake half breed who helped save the two women at Frog Lake massacre
Inscription of the Memorial Cairn at the Frog Lake Massacre
Graves of those killed in the Frog Lake massacre
Men of Valor: They Fight for You
Gunner Phillip's grave, Batoche
Graves of those killed in the Frog Lake massacre
Facsimiles of sketches of the Riel Rebellion furnished to the Montreal Star by a member of the Expedition
Bullet holes in Roman Catholic church, Batoche, Saskatchewan, 1947
John Pritchard, interpreter who helped save two women at Frog Lake
Portrait of Dr. Andrew Everett Porter
Memorial Cairn at Frog Lake Massacre
Fort Pitt, 1884
John Hall, North West Mounted Police - Onion Lake
North West Mounted Police Detachment, Fort Pitt, 1884
Francois Dufresne
Monument celebrating the battle of Batoche
Battle of Fish Creek
A New Order Shall Arise!
Cairn at old Fort Pitt
Frenchman's Butte