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Carbine, Winchester, Model 1876 and Carbine, Cavalry, Breech Loading Snider-Enfield, MK III
Beaded belt and knife sheath
Seal skin baby slippers
Drapes - green sheer panel #1 and #2
Letter to Postmaster at Shell Lake Post Office from J. Ross Paisley
Curling rocks
Chatlain's Barber Shop pen and card holder
[Duke of Lancaster's Own epaulets]
[Song - Shaunavon]
Chatlain's Beauty and Barber Shop comb
Ceramic cream and sugar set decorated with drawing of "Shaunavon Public and High School"
Letter to Angus McKay from [?] MacFarlane
Superintendent James Walsh's mess jacket and vest
Beaded mocassins
The Barr Colony Settlement of 1903
[Application for Homestead Patent by Frank Hembrow-Smith]
What Interested Saskatoon in 1902
Barr Colonist Reunion for Exhibition
In Quest of a Number
Barr Colony Reunion Dinner Programme April 20th 1926
[Letter from the manager of the CPR's steamship lines to Frank Hembrow-Smith]
Saskatoon Seemed Tent City Thirty-one Years Ago When Barr Colonists Arrived
Barr Colony Arrived Here 25 Years Ago
Barr Colonists Here Eighteen Years Ago
Odds and Ends [of the] News of 1906
Colonists Came Twenty Years Ago
Barr Colony Reunion Dinner Apl. 20th 26 expenses