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[Map of western Canada showing the locations of Indian tribes, 1785]
The Saturday Press Map of the City of Saskatoon
La Plonge, Saskatchewan
City of Prince Albert
Map of Weyburn, Sask.
Map of Newspaper Towns in Alberta and Saskatchewan
Map of Manitoba and North-West Territory
Map of the Northwest Territories
Canoe Lake Indian Reserve No. 165
Stanley Mission
(Near) La Ronge Saskatchewan
Laurie's Map of the North-West Territories
Map of the North West Part of Canada
A General Map of the Routes in British North America Explored by the Expedition Under Captain Palliser, 1857, 1858, 1859, 1860.
A Map shewing the communication of the Lakes and the Rivers between Lake Superior and Slave Lake in North America
Wollaston Lake
Index to Townships in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia
City of Saskatoon
Map of the District of Assiniboia, 1811.
Inventory Maintenance Map
[Beauval usage of land]
Temperance Colony City of Saskatoon
Beauval Saskatchewan
Resource Map of the Dominion of Canada
Explored Routes in the lower parts of the drainage area of Churchill and Nelson Rivers: Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Map of the Dominion of Canada
[Map of canada, 1799]