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Black Lake
[Co-op store and out buildings at Deschambault Lake]
Lake Athabasca
Black Lake
[Houses and a church along a lake]
Black Lake
[Houses along a road by a lake]
[Settlement next to a lake]
[Houses next to a body of water]
[Large settlement]
[Lake with road in foreground]
[Cylidrical buildings under snow cover]
[Houses along a lake shore]
[Houses along main road]
[Settlement along main road]
[La Ronge]
[Houses in a clearing at the edge of a lake]
[Road leading to lake surrounded by houses]
[Settlement next to a lake]
Black Lake
[Settlement on both sides of a river]
[Settlement next to a lake]
[Large settlement with newly built houses]
[Settlement next to a lake]
[Graveyard with people gathered]
[Church and houses]
[Uranium City]