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[Men assisting a small steamboat]
[Man with five dogs]
[Man in suit standing with a group of seated women]
[Woman standing by porch]
[Treaty party crossing Île-à-la-Crosse?]
[Group of people walking in front of tents and tipis]
[Two women on porch with a baby]
Treaty Party crossing Île-à-la-Crosse
[Women and a baby petting puppies]
[Two girls on a swing]
[Two women with a baby in a baby carriage]
[Men repairing small steamboat on shore]
[Tent camp on outskirts of HBC post]
[Four women in a HBC canoe]
[Man smoking a pipe]
[Family and dogs in front of house]
[Men hoisting a York Boat]
[Three women camping]
[Three women and a man standing on pile of logs]
[Men participating in a foot race]
[Family and dogs in front of house]
[Two girls and two dogs]