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"Shaunavon Sask. Tourist Camp - The Heart of the Last New West Nominal Charge" metal sign
Proprietor's Reserve wine bottle celebrating Shaunavon's 75th Anniversary
"Poker chips from F.O. Bransted's Gambling Den in Shaunavon - It was a little shack just south of the Shaunavon Hotel"
Pioneer grain elevator hat with pom pom
Boomtown '92 Shaunavon hat
Shaunavon Golden Jubilee 1913-1983 violin shaped ashtray
Shaunavon 75 - 1913-1988 hat
Shaunavon Badgers blue leather jacket
"Crown and Anchor Dice From My Carnival Days"
Ceramic cream and sugar set decorated with drawing of "Shaunavon Public and High School"
B.P.O.E. No. 380 Shaunavon purple hat with tassel
Ken Shaw Enterprises Imperial Oil Agent Shaunavon - Eastend - 297-2311 thermometer
Pioneer grain elevator hat
Grey ball cap with "S" for Shaunavon