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Plowing with a steam engine
Family wedding photo
Costumes guerriers
Aboriginal woman having tea by a sod shack
Family friends
Moose Mountain medicine wheel
Mr. and Mrs. Egg
Mama and her dog
Line of Aboriginal women
Four women standing on a hand jigger
Aboriginals in a horse-drawn carriage
G.T.P. Bridge- unfinished
Aboriginal men on horseback
Aboriginals at the Arcola fair
White spectators at a pow wow
Aboriginal couple
Mixed curling team at an indoor rink
"Remember Me" Alameda Girls Softball Team
Mrs. Martin Geoghagan and a team of horses outside of the Geoghagan farm
Cliff Swan and his mother tending bees
Dorothy and Gert McNabb digging up potatoes
Woman sitting on top of a load of sheathes
Lenna, Vera and Doris sitting on a vehicle
Young woman pumping water for the horses
me going to milk 1945
Roda Hamilton covering up some undergarments
Woman reading the newspaper
Community Club
Violet Chamerblin and Florence Summerbery in men's overalls
Two teenage girls, one playing the guitar, and the other, the violin
Three women standing in front of a buidling with a car roof
Miss Stockton pushing a garden tractor
Mr. and Mrs. Lawford
Two women standing, two sitting
Scarrow family
Mrs. Buchanan and Tiny
Fishing at Kenosee Lake
Moose Mountain medicine wheel