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Un guide Extra. pour la Montagne des Cyprès
Family friends
Moose Mountain medicine wheel
Mr. and Mrs. Egg
Hunting moose
Four women standing on a hand jigger
Aboriginals in a horse-drawn carriage
Horse racing at Cannington Manor
White spectators at a pow wow
Aboriginal man holding a hat
Aboriginal couple
Aboriginal man sitting in a chair with a hat and a watch chain
Four young men playing horseshoes
A windy day in February – that's a kite
Dorothy and Gert McNabb digging up potatoes
Lenna, Vera and Doris sitting on a vehicle
me going to milk 1945
Miss Stockton pushing a garden tractor
Home guard in Kisbey
The 46th Battalion
Standing outside in the wintertime
John Peters threshing
Fishing at Kenosee Lake
Charles Henry Watkins
Frank Hammer reading the Nor'West Farmer
Moose Mountain medicine wheel