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Mr. and Mrs. Egg
Mama and her dog
Hunting moose
Mrs. Martin Geoghagan and a team of horses outside of the Geoghagan farm
A good harvest
A windy day in February – that's a kite
Helen Thomas trying to avoid getting her picture taken
Dorothy and Gert McNabb digging up potatoes
Playing on a tricycle and a wagon
Cliff Swan and his mother tending bees
Horse racing at Cannington Manor
Aboriginal people on a wagon
Three Stripes and a dog
LeMesurier children and an Aboriginal couple
Mr. and Mrs. Egg
Mama and her dog
Aboriginal woman and a bundle
Hunting moose
Four Aboriginal women
Joyah and his family
Ka-Ka-Ka-Way's family
Five women on the LeMesurier farm
Aboriginal woman carrying a pale
Mounted Aboriginal man
Arthur LeMesurier and an Aboriginal woman
Dog team from White Bear Reserve