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Wanuskewin: Sanctuary of the Peace-seeker
Abandoned farmhouse and water wagon, west of Lacadena
Volcanic rock (Freya's necklace)
First frost at Wanuskewin
Wanuskewin: Sanctuary of the Peace-seeker
Namaskard: Spirit Place of the North
First frost at Wanuskewin
Snæfellsjökull: Heart Chakra of the Planet
Fabulous red sky west of Kyle
Mist over green rolling hills in Iceland
Landscape, south coast : rocky cliffs and snow
Small yellow flowers (buttercups?)
Tourists at Geyser hot springs
Geyser in Iceland, people look on
Floating icebergs in purple light
Buttercups near bizarre pictographs on rock; red barn in background
Boat trip to big iceburg
Snow patterns at waterfall