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Construction at Mt. Revelstoke camp
Six Internees at Castle Mountain Camp, Banff, Alberta
Guards and Internees at Internment Camp, Banff, [ca.1917]
Interned aliens making a bridge at Banff National Park, [ca1917]
An officer, a gentleman, and a lady at Banff National Park
View of internment camp at Castle Mountain, Banff
Group photo, some in mock aboriginal dress at Banff National Park
Prisoners being let out of compound at Castle Mountain internment camp
Ice Palace at Banff, Alberta
Two cheerful officers at Banff National Park
Documents relating to enemy aliens, 1915-1919
Group of Internees Working at Banff National Park
View of Mt. Revelstoke Internment Camp
Enemy aliens walking through snow, Banff Alberta
Crossing bridge at Banff National Park
Castle Mountain Internment Camp