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Correspondence re: Influenza epidemic, 1919
Correspondence with Reginald Bateman's father, 1918 - 1919
Clippings about David Payne
Mobilisation of Universities Correspondence, 1917
Correspondence from Joseph Blackburn, 1917
Exemption of University Staff of Military Age
J. A. Macfarlane correspondence, 1917
Louis Brehaut Correspondence
L. L. Burgess Letters, 1915
Charles N. Cameron correspondence, 1917
Influenza Letter, 1919
Frank A. Canzi Correspondence, 1914
Letter from University of Arkansas, 1918
Paul Gertz Letter, May 21 1919
J. W. Eaton Correspondence
William Gilmour letter, 1918
Ridgeway Gilpin's sister, correspondence - 1920
Women's war wark in British Colleges and Schools, 1917
International students at the University during wartime
Governor General's Gold Medal
Women's Auxiliary of Great War Veterans' Association, Estevan
Correspondence re: death of William Hamilton due to influenza, 1918
Correspondence with William Y. Hunter
Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire Correspondence
Correspondence re: Returned Soldiers
Ralph Bracken Smith Correspondence, Feb. 11, 1931
Correspondence re: tank battalion
Patriotic Fund correspondence, Nov. 24, 1916
Correspondence re: Reception Honoring Returned Soldiers
Correspondence re: C. J. Mackenzie
Press correspondence, April 5, 1917
Captain Lindsay Correspondence - 1918
C. J. Mackenzie correspondence, 1919
A. F. Neatby correspondence
John Payson Oliver Correspondence
Secretary of State correspondence, 1917
War Stats Correspondence
Correspondence with Mrs. Morison