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European War Pamphlets 100-142, 1900-1918
The Times, London : Friday September 18, 1914
Higher Education of Ex-Service Students
European War Postcards
Pamphlet Collection European War Covers - 1913-1928
The Appeal of Sir Robert Borden for National Service
Moose Jaw Military Hospital
European War Pamphlet Covers 37-75, 1906-1919
Government Scheme of Assistance for the Higher Education of Ex-Service Students
Why England, Germany and Russia Went to War, 1914
Untitled Speech on Capitalism and War
Map of Manitoba, Keewatin, British Columbia, & North West Territory shewing the country to be traversed by the [C.P.R.]
The Standard, Montreal : Oct. 3, 1914
Index to the Oxford Pamphlets: 1914-1915
The European War Pamphlet Covers 76-99 , 1915-1920
A Brief History of the Great War
Reports on the Violation of the Rights of Nations and of the Laws and Customs of War in Belgium, Vol. II.