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Indian Head, Sask.
Grand Avenue, Indian Head, Sask.
Esso Service, Voyageur Restaurant, Jubilee Motel - circa 1970
Reaping-Indian Head, Assinaboia, on Canadian Pacific Railway
Experimental Farm Indian Head
Imperial Hotel - Indian Head, Sask
Superintendent's Residence, Experimental Farm, Indian Head, Sask.
Canadian Harvesting Scene : Reaping Wheat
Indian Head - circa 1980
Indiani Head - circa 1965
Reaping. Indian Head Assa. Canadian Pacific Railway.
Lovers' Lane, Indian Head, Sask.
Town Hall, Qu'Appelle, Sask.
Grand Avenue, Indian Head, Sask.
Public School, Qu'Appelle, Sask.
Canadian Harvesting Scene--Cutting the Grain
Disking and Harrowing by Steam, in the Canadian West.
Anglican Church & Bishops Court, Indian Head, Sask.
Hospital, Indian Head, Sask