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[Square dancing costumes]
Waffle Iron
[Taxidermy coyote]
Airplane drawing design by K.O. Neste. (1912-1935)
[Eagle lape pin]
Crystal Bakery [business receipt]
Sock Knitting Machine
Brontothere Skeleton
Royal Canadian Air Cadets 248 Shaunavon [badge]
1897 Eastend Station [and] Water Tower
[Eastend 1952]
[Directions for making hard, soft and jelly soap]
"The Flood of '52" [typed report]
[Crystal Bakery order slip]
[Handwritten letter addressed to Mrs. McLean]
[Military cross with ribbons]
[Wellington Early Twin Engine Bomber]
The Clinton Lewis Organ
A Brief History of the First Baptist Church, Shaunavon, Saskatchewan
No. 6 Platoon 128th Battalion "Moose Jaw's Own" Camp Hughes, 1916.
Z-X Ranch , East End Sask. 5-14
1949 Wedding Dress of Irene Svennes
[Wendell Marshbank's Barber's Chair]
Crystal Bakery [blank business receipt]