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[Co-op dairy product stationary]
[Humboldt Co-op Store]
[Women's Co-operative Guild ceremony]
Emma Lake co-op panel
[Co-op clothing department]
Weyburn Co-op School
[Western Co-operative Fertilizers Ltd. group photo]
[Construction of Saskatoon Co-op Store]
[Farming in Manitoba]
[Co-op product display]
[Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Flour Mill]
[Co-op field tools]
[Symposium, Hotel Saskatchewan, Regina, SK]
[Co-op lumber]
Food Fun Fair, Assiniboia
[Glassware and ceramics in Co-op store]
[Assiniboia Co-op Christmas concert]
Weyburn Co-op School
[Hardware department in Co-op store]
[Two men with discount banner]
Farm family standing in field
Weyburn Co-op School
[Co-op Lumber and Supplies store]
[Assiniboia Co-op Christmas concert]