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Wanuskewin: Sanctuary of the Peace-seeker
Abandoned farmhouse and water wagon, west of Lacadena
Volcanic rock (Freya's necklace)
Fall colour with impressionistic backgrounds
The Right Honourable R. Hnatyshyn
First frost at Wanuskewin
Wanuskewin: Sanctuary of the Peace-seeker
Namaskard: Spirit Place of the North
First frost at Wanuskewin
Snæfellsjökull: Heart Chakra of the Planet
Fabulous red sky west of Kyle
Mist over green rolling hills in Iceland
Landscape, south coast : rocky cliffs and snow
Small yellow flowers (buttercups?)
South Saskatchewan river autumn view on cloudy day
Tourists at Geyser hot springs
Geyser in Iceland, people look on
1992 Textbook circular
Floating icebergs in purple light
Buttercups near bizarre pictographs on rock; red barn in background
Boat trip to big iceburg
Battleford Co-Op 60th Anniversary Commemorative Song Book
1992 Native Studies
Snow patterns at waterfall