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Public comment on the Themes and Objectives for Batoche, August 1980
Riel Project / Bulletin / du Projet Riel - No.7
Riel Project / Bulletin / du Projet Riel - No.4
Riel Project / Bulletin / du Projet Riel - No.3
Self portrait after photographing dust storm
Blowing foxtails near Dundurn
West Side of Main
Light snowfall on tilled field near Arelee
Farm with red granary
My War
Glenbow Museum Acquires Louis Riel Letter - News release
Farm Trails
Blowing foxtails near Dundurn
Church spire, swath
Sunset sky
Hockey game on pond ice
Riel Project / Bulletin / du Projet Riel - No.5
1980 Textbooks circular supplement
Spring Morning : pastel sky over still pond
Green spring landscape
Loreen's Place
The Concert Choir of the Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute
Celebrate Saskatchewan song book
Art Wallman country CKSW
The Ku Klux Klan in Saskatchewan Slides
1980 English: A Bibliography for Division IV : Audiovisual
Saskatchewan Power Corporation Truck with Lignite Louie Sign
Christmas smile
I'll go with God
Saskatchewan, I'm coming home
Saskatchewan music
Russian memories
This is the day