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Rollin' along with Smilin' Johnnie and his prairie pals
I'll forget her tomorrow
1968 Technical-vocational courses available for Division IV
1968 Circular relative to textbooks for elementary and high schools
Lanky plays honky tonk
They that wait upon the Lord
1968 Annotations on supplementary reading books, grades VII to IX
The Hewettes sing
Sarabande Singers in concert
Regina Lions Junior "A" Band in concert
1968 Christianity in the modern world. Division IV Course in Christian Ethics
1968 Modern Biology. Grade III. One year course
1968 Earth science. Grade VIII
1968 Annotations on supplementary reading books, grades X to XII
1968 Technical Vocational Curriculum. Electrical-Electronics
1968 Technical Vocational Curriculum. Mechanical field
1968 Technical Vocational Curriculum. Drafting
1968 Technical Vocational Curriculum. Construction Field
1968 Business Education
1968 A New Curriculum for Division III English
1968 A new curriculum for division III English (Grades VII, VIII and XI)
1968 Commercial cooking trade Curriculum Guide.
1968 Commercial cooking. A curriculum guide for division IV
Apostolic Church Group Photo
Woman with five children
Duets by Kathy and Susie Martens