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Order of Service at the Unveiling of the Regina War Memorial
"Military Parade"
A monotone real photo postcard showing soldiers standing by a flower arrangement during Decoration Day ceremonies in Rosetown, Saskatchewan. Part of a series: Randall Photo # 14.
"Vasile Avramenko's first School of Ukrainian National Dances, Toronto, Canada, 1926"
When Poundmaker Defied the Mounties
"Vasile Avramenko with his dancers on the Canadian National Exhibition"
Canadian National Railways: selected farms in western Canada, millions of acres of finest agricultural land for settlement [Map]
Unveiling of the War Memorial in Regina, Saskatchewan
The rage of Wandering Spirit - newspaper clipping
Papachase of Fort Qu'Appelle
"Decoration Day Parade"
Procession to "Graveyard" on Decoration Day
Parade of Soldiers on Decoration Day in Rosetown.
Main Street, Morse, Sask. 1926
"Saskatoon Fair, 1926"
"Decoration Day Procession to Graveyard"
[Parade day]
[W.A. Kingsland. "Chief Come-So-More" and His Tribe at Exhibition
Thirst dance and fin-flash
Fort Walsh
"Procession Decoration Day Rosetown"
"Military Parade"
The half-breed rising on the South Saskatchewan, 1885
1926 Programme of study for public schools
[Main Street Morse]
The White Steel Grain Thresher
Barr Colonists in Reunion to Observe 23rd Anniversary
1926 Regulations and recommendations governing programme of courses of study for secondary schools
1926 Regulations and courses of study for Provincial Normal Schools
A teacher's handbook to grade VIII literature