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Fire place in the largest building of Fort Livingstone, 1923
Incidents of the Rebellion of 1885
New Canadian Church, 1923
Auction Sale
Faculty and Students University of Saskatchwean Saskatoon Nov. 1923
General Middleton's Old Telegraph Trail. Fort Qu'Appelle to Batoche and Prince Albert, 1923
Memorial Tree certificate for William Douglas Aird
The Life of W. J. Carter
General view of the site of Fort Livingstone, 1923
Old Telegraph Trail in Touchwood Hills, 1923
S. R. Moore to A. S. Morton - Letter and clipping regarding 1885 Resistance
View of the monument to Fort Livingstone
Bronze plaque on the monument to Fort Livingstone
[1922-23 women's graduating class]
Unveiling of the Soldiers' Cross
Scene 3 - Grave Yard, Old Fort Pelly,. 1923
Scene 1 - Second structures Old Fort Pelly, 1923
Golden Dream Boat
HB Post Kutawa near Punnichy, 1923
Scene 2 - Inside view main building scene 1, Old Fort Pelly 1923
All Work tractor pamphlet
Logging Camp
Colonists Came Twenty Years Ago
1923 Regulations and recommendations governing programme and courses of study for secondary schools
Officers and Sergeants R.C.M.P.
Henderson's Prince Albert City Directory 1923
Song of Saskatchewan