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Red Pheasant
Letter to Eva, Edith, and Lillian, April 18, 1948
Charles Trottier
Letter to Folks, July 18, 1934
Downsizing Canadian Base Remount Depot
Letter to Folks, January 18, 1933
Training Programme
John Pritchard, interpreter who helped save two women at Frog Lake
Letter from Louis Riel: To the gentlemen who kindly invite me to hold a public meeting in Prince Albert
Letter to Lillian and all the family, May 18, 1944
Minutes of Commanding Officer's Conference
Seeking employment
Letter to Lillian, August 18, 1949
Part II Orders Issued by Canadian Section 2nd Echelon Headquarters 21 Army Group No. 47
Supply shortage
Letter to Friend, November 18, 1947
Seeking employment
Louis Riel, sepia
Letter to Cornelia, February 18, 1945
Letter to Papa, Mama, and Lillian, April 18, 1934
Seeking employment
Rasing a battalion
Letter to Home Folks, April 18, 1934
Part II Orders Issued by Canadian Section G.H.Q., 2nd Echelon No. 33
[Family of Henderson Steinhauer]
The Evening Globe, Saturday, April 18, 1885.
Letter to Folks, December 18, 1932
Letter to Lillian, November 18, 1945
John William Cameron
Unknown man
Unknown woman
William Thompson;   Glencoe, N.S.
Unknown man: The Notman Studio, Halifax
Unknown man:  Green's Art Studio, 767 Washington Street.
Unknown man
Unknown man
British North America
Lieut.-Col. Hugh Richardson
[Two men inside tent]