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Many Happy Returns. Stacking in Western Canada A Greeting.
Souvenir Folder Illustrating in Colors Cowboy Life in the Canadian West.
Breaking Land in Western Canada at the rate of thirty acres per day.
Taking Wheat to Elevators, Western Canada.
No. 112 -Two Days' Shoot in Western Canada
John Johnson's Thresing Outfit, Goodlands, 1909
Canadian Harvesting Scene: Cleaning the Fields
Canadian Harvesting Scenes: Threshing Wheat
[Man with Cow in Western Canada]
Wheat Cutting in Canadian Northwest, Canada.
Threshing Outfit Crossing Prairie. Western Canada
Canadian Harvesting Scene: Cutting the Wheat
Ranching in Canada. Inside the Branding Corral.
Harvesting, Canadian North West.
Sheep Ranch. Northwest Canada.
Life in the Canadian North-West: On the Way to their Homestead
Prairie Bungalow, Western Canada
Riders of Mosquito Creek Camp
Reaping Wheat, Western Canada
[People Watching Parade, Western Canada]
Harvesting Barley Western Canada
Canadian Harvesting Scenes - Reaping Wheat
Ploughing in Western Canada
Branding Cattle, Western Canada
Ploughing with Caterpillar Engine, Western Canada (The Idea for Wheels of War Tanks originated from this Engine)
A Typical Railway Depot and Elevators, Western Canada
Saddling an Outlaw, Western Canada
Bunch of Western Horses
[Potrait Photo, Western Canada]
[Men with Horse near Shack in Western Canada]
Ten View Letter Card of Harvest Scenes, Western Canada