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Ernest Humphries
"The Glorious First of July 1916" - Our First Prisoners
Ernest Humphries, on the left,with an unidentified soldier
The "Fighting Fifth" (Northumberland Fusiliers) After the Battle of St. Eloi
La Grande Guerre 1914-15-16 - Maroeuil (P.-de-C.) La Quartier de la Gare
Ypres After Two Years of War
96th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, pass in review before Brigadier-General J. Hughes, April 12th, 1916.
After the First Calvary Charge, July 1916
Maroeuil (P.-de-C.)- guerre Europeenne
La Grande Guerre 1914-15-16
Maroeuil (P.-de-C.) - Guerre Europeenne
The Wiltshires Cheering During the Great Advance
Arras - Guerre 1914-1916