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New Settlers their first Home, Western Canada
City Hall, Winnipeg, Man.
New Settlers, Their first House, Western Canada
Plowing with new Caterpillar Engine, Western Canada
Main Street subway, Winnipeg, Man.
A Team of Buffalo broken to Harness, Western Canada
Harvesting Wheat 4 1/2 feet high, Western Canada
Disc Plowing on Stubble, Western Canada
Cowboys at Dinner on the Round up. Western Canada.
C.P.R. Engine no. 1 Countess of Dufferin and Station, Winnipeg, Man.
Cowboys ready for a Round-up, Western Canada
Cowboys' Kitchen, The Chuck Wagon. Western Canada.
Mounting a Broncho, Western Canada.
New Settlers in Transit. Western Canada.
Post Office, Winnipeg, Man.
Prairie Bungalow, Western Canada
Moonlight on the Assiniboine River, Winnipeg, Man.
"Girl" Broncho Bustling, Western Canada
Royal Alexandria Hotel by night, Winnipeg, Man.
Cowboys Branding a Steer, Western Canada
Deer Lodge, Winnipeg, Man.
Glimpses of City Park, Winnipeg