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[Group of women wearing coats]
Middleton Camp Trenches-Cleared for Breaking  Batoche, Sask Oct.1-1948
Len Hunter Better Boats
W.B. Cameron (of Frog Lake) at Farm Instructors-Poundmaker Indian Res. Paynton, Sask. Sept.22,1947
Pemmi Kaputch, Black Cat or the hand shaker and Helen - Leona Gange
3 men, 1940s Car
[Man in western garments riding horse]
[People at a train station]
[Pony pulling chariot]
Jean Anderson from Regina - she went around wtih Bob Early for awhile. He is in this picture with the plaid hat on. 1944
[Crowd gathered around dog team]
[Three men golfing at Katepwa]
[Man and three children in hats in a car]
Fr. La Bonte and Seminarians
A good catch
Mother and Helen going for a walk
Community Garden - At work in community garden
[Man and woman standing arm and arm]
The rig we used for winter travel ‘47
The one and only Victor Laliberte
F. Laliberte - Post-master
Francois, Victor 1942
Teacher St. Matthew’s ‘47
Boys of St. Matthews S.D. ‘47
Fr. Pioger and his pipe
Building a house - native couple
‘46 Peters, Mr. Porter
My Ford
Residential school - Beauval - Leo - H. B. clerk in foreground
Armand, Arthur, Leo 1942
Mother out for a walk in the bush
At work in Community garden
A windy day in February – that's a kite
A windy day in February – that's a kite
me going to milk 1945
Miss Stockton pushing a garden tractor