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[Log structure built on froze lake - likely for cutting ice]
1946 Alvin Kendall on cat and Stan Cassidy
[Bud Smith skidding with Twenty cat]
J.T. Rowan, J. Nickelson, Ken Moore loading logs with Jeep truck on Jammer
1944 B.F. Harris North of Bannock
Decking logs [loading logs] 1949
The Deer Lodge
Louis Lavallee
[Ken Moore with load of logs]
[Skidding short logs out of the bush]
"This is the saw mill"
[Skidding in bush]
Kendall's spring 1946
[Two men sitting by a cabin]
All That's Left of Old H.B. Warehouse-at Ft. Pitt, 1885  Onion Lake Sask Oct.1-1947
[Ken Moore's John Deere]
Hamjea Plant
Bill Kozak and John Ogurek with the D-2 cat
Walter Kendall and friend at present site of Kendall's Service
Cook Kitchen Kingsmere
Building a house - native couple