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J.C. Hunter and Bruce Buchanan at Old Clark's Crossing Clarksboro Sask Sept.27-1948
Old Clarks Crossing-East Side- Clarksboro Sask Sept.28-1948
Red Deer River Ferry, Hudson Bay Jct. [ferry crossing on Red Deer River - operated by W. Morgan 1926-1937]
118 Homesteaders
[Ferry docked at shore]
Bird's Eye View of Saskatoon
Old Batoche Ferry  Batoche Sask Oct.4-1948
Gabriel Dumont's Crossing- S. Sask. River - Near Fish Creek, Sask. Sept.30-1948
451. The Ferry, Prince Albert, Sask.
Steam ferry on North Saskatchewan River at Battleford, 1903
Sask. Landing - Looking S. Recalling Apr. 15-17, 1885 Sask. Landing, Sask May 15-1948
[Two couples posed for photograph]
Saskatchewan River, Prince Albert, Sask.
Crossing the Saskatchewan River by ferry at Prince Albert, Sask.
Margaret Clinkskill watering her horse on the South Saskatchewan River
At the ferry - mother, Helen and Victor L. - 1940
Ferry on N. Saskatchewan
Saskatoon Ferry
Saskatoon Washout
Fr. Gagnon - with horse Crossing Ferry
Battleford Sask, Ferry Boat
Battleford Sask, Ferry Boat
Battleford Sask, Ferry Boat
Ferry-Fort Saskatchewan