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Jason A. Smart, Brandon to J.M. Egan re time and number of Queen's Own going through Brandon - lunch prepared.
H.P.T., Winnipeg to J.M. Egan re time table of special with Queen's Own.
F. Newby, Qu'Appelle to George Crookshank, Ottawa re whereabouts of troops.
W.D. Otter, Qu'Appelle to Colonel Montague, c/o J.M. Egan re please sign transport requisition for Queen's Own.
W.D. Otter, Ignace to J.M. Egan re to reach Winnipeg - all wants supplied.
J.N., Nepigon [Nipigon] to J.M. Egan re Colonel Otter with Queen's Own passed Dog Lake.
Flint, Swift Current to Globe, Toronto re troops leaving for Saskatchewan and Battleford.