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WWI Complete Saskatchewan Oversees Battalion Uniform
[Group of WWI soldiers with Red Cross armbands]
[Memorial plaque]
1st Troop - "C" Squadron" 1st C.M.R.S. Oversees Force Brandon Feb. 8th.
[Eagle lape pin]
[Letter written by F.O. [Frank O.] Bransted to C.R. Russell]
Chester Richardson
Wilf Ward
[World War I recruitment posters]
Saskatcehwan Horse 16/22 [North Saskatchewan Regiment badge]
[Campaign medals for service in World War I]
Belgian Silk Cards and Grandma, Wilf, Albert 1914
[Man in uniform]
For Service at the Front C.F.F. [pin]
Cormac Delaney
[South Saskatchewan Regiment badge]
188th Overseas Battalion Camp [?] 1916
[World War I uniform]
Belgian Silk Cards and photo of Willie Bennet Royal Flying Core
59th Division. 1915-1918. [Selected pages]
[195th (City of Regina) Battalion cap badge]
The Bread Story
[Duke of Lancaster's Own letterhead]
The Great War [model plane]
John T. Glover
196th Overseas Battalion Camp Hughes 1916
Belgian Silk Cards War 1914 sent to Grandma from my Uncle Frank
The 46th Battalion
The 46th Battalion
The Kitchen is the [Key] to Victory Eat Less Bread
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The Empire Needs Men! The Overseas States All answer the call. Helped by the Young Lions the Old Lion defies his Foes.Enlist Now
Back Him Up! Buy Victory Bonds
"If Ye Break Faith We Shall Not Sleep" - Buy Victory Bonds