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Carbine, Winchester, Model 1876 and Carbine, Cavalry, Breech Loading Snider-Enfield, MK III
Beaded belt and knife sheath
Pistol, Revolver, Breech Loading, Enfield MK II
Plates and cutlery used by the N.W.M.P. at Fort Walsh
Bison coat
Pistol, Breech Loading, Revolver, Adams MK III
Beaded quiver and beaded pipe bag
7 Pounder
Receipt for 37 [sax?] Bacon
Wooden oxen yoke
Envelope addressed to Angus McKay from Canadian Pacific Railway Company's Telegraph_
Telegram to Angus McKay from C.M. Clarke
The Clinton Lewis Organ
Beaded pouch
Personal items excavated at Fort Walsh
Invoice for Angus McKay from Macdonald & Sully
Letter to Angus McKay from [?] Clark
Order Book, North West Mounted Police
Beaded mocassins