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Map of Western Canada: Manitoba, Alberta, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan and part of British Columbia
Canadian National Railways: selected farms in western Canada, millions of acres of finest agricultural land for settlement [Map]
Manitoba and the Northwest Territories of Canada showing the lines and land grant of the Canadian Pacific Railway
[Pull-out maps of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia]
Map of Western Canada; Map of the Canadian Pacific Railway and its Connections
Laurie's map of the North-West Territories: shewing [sic] the surveys now made and the railway and other routes thereto
Scarborough's new map of Saskatchewan
Map of Manitoba, Keewatin, British Columbia, & North West Territory shewing the country to be traversed by the [C.P.R.]
Map of Western Canada: Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Part of British Columbia
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Upper and Lower Canada, and the other British Possessions in North America
A Map of Canada Compiled from the Latest Authorities by Edward Staveley, civ. engr.
A New Map of Upper & Lower Canada from the Latest Authorities
A New and Accurate Map of Quebec and its Boundaries from a late Survey
British North America
British North America By Permission Dedicated to The Honorable Hudsons Bay Company
Kaart van het westelijk gedeelte van Kanada, bevattende de vijf groote Meiren, met de omleggende Landen
Nieuwe Kaart van Kanada De Landen aan de Hudsons-Baay en de Noordwestelyke deelen van Noord-Amerika