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[Two men in front of Kum Motor Inn ]
[Wedding photo]
Morse, Sask.
[Morse 1929]
Morse Livery Feed & Sale Stable Stevens Bros. Prop.
[Main streets]
[Portrait of a man]
[First Wedding at Morse United Church]
[Portrait of a man in suit]
C.P.R. Station. Morse, Sask.
Main St West Side. Morse Sask
Joan Spate
[Greb Girls]
[Portrait of Ella Greb, Alex Korb, and Emma Greb]
A. Kalil General Merchant
[Ernie Erskin and family]
[Portrait of couple]
[Elkhorn Hotel]
[Portrait of Alex Korb and Ella Greb]
[Elkhorn Hotel Dining room]
[Toddler in white knit dress]
[Three young childen]
Morse Public School 1929
Main Street, Morse, Sask. 1926
Birth Certificate
[Elegant woman]
[Parade day]
[Potrait of two boys]
[Three piece band]
Morse Sportsday July 1st 1923
Dorothy Weppler (Martin)
Morse Sask.
Morse Public School 1929
Canadian Army Soldier's Service Book
[Town hall]
Wedding couple
[Main Street Morse]
L-CPL Theodore Norman Letkeman Display
Theodore Norman Letkeman Birth Certificate